Dragon's Land

Wonderful example of the combined artistry of cutter and the talented illustrator Elspeth Eagle-Clarke, who created this fascinating fantasy painting. Every individual character or shape has been intricately line-cut around and when assembled, all fit neatly together in an interlocking frame surround.
Categorised by Chad Valley in their own words as: Puzzle for the Connoisseur, they go on to describe it as:
This fantasy reproduced in glowing hues by a gifted artist, has been cunningly cut from wood by skilled workers. Every, elf, swan, mermaid and fish, is a picture in itself, colourful and complete, yet each dovetailing together into the brilliant design we illustrate.
The box includes separate trays to help store and sort the pieces. A companion puzzle, Elfin was also produced.

Artist: Eagle-Clarke, Elspeth
Date: c1933
Brand: Chad Valley
Material: Plywood
Nationality: British-England
Number: 3036
Size: 15 1/4" x 17"
Theme: Fantasy
Title: Dragon's Land

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