Liverpool Landing Stage

Beautiful painting by C.E. Turner featuring several ferries moored alongside a busy landing stage, with a large passenger liner also visible to the right edge. The nearest ferry shows a car being driven off, and is named Oxton of Liverpool, which according to the Maritime Archives & Library of National Museums Liverpool, was a screw-driven ferry introduced in 1879 to the Liverpool-Woodside route, and was the first so-called Luggage Boat capable of carrying vehicles.
The same print also appears in this Dunlop branded version, the blue van to the left side sporting their logo on its tyre.
Many thanks to T.B. for sending the information and pictures for this super puzzle.

Artist: Turner, C.E.
Date: c1930's
Brand: Chad Valley
Material: Plywood
Nationality: British-England
Pieces: 155
Size: 14" x 10"
Theme: Maritime
Title: Liverpool Landing Stage

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