At the White Hart

Best described as a labour of love, this wonderful plywood puzzle from a humorous painting by the French artist Harry Eliott (real name-Charles Edmond Hermet-1882-1959), had lost seventeen plus of its original pieces. Suffice it to say these have now been reconstituted, to restore this very rare Holtzapffel puzzle to a semblance of its original splendour.
The third picture shows it in its rather sorry former state.
My general rule is to disassemble puzzles and store them in their boxes ready for next time, but I have made an exception in this instance, hence the wooden frame surround.
I also carried out a repair to an American Pastime puzzle which used this same print.

Artist: Eliott, Harry
Date: c1930's
Brand: Holtzapffel
Material: Plywood
Nationality: British-England
Pieces: 505
Size: 28" x 11"
Theme: Landscape
Title: At the White Hart

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