Beauty Prize, The

Intricately cut plywood jigsaw puzzle from Holtzapffel, probably produced very shortly after the formation of the new retail association of Walker & Holtzapffel in 1932.
The beautiful artwork, so typical of this superb range, has been given expert attention by the cutter, the whole outline having been carefully cut out before then applying colour line-cutting throughout the puzzle itself.
The scene depicted emanates from George Grossmith, P.G. Woodhouse and Jerome Kern's 1923 musical comedy of the same name, featuring the prize, Carol Staurt, played by American actress Dorothy Dickson held aloft by her admirers.

Artist: Unsigned
Date: c1932
Brand: Holtzapffel
Material: Plywood
Nationality: British-England
Pieces: 316
Range: Figure-It-Out
Size: 18 1/2" x 20 1/2 max."
Theme: Beauty
Title: Beauty Prize, The

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