Wayside Inn, Nr. Leatherhead

This semi-interlocking plywood jigsaw puzzle, thought to be of c1915-1920 vintage, features a high quality print of an unsigned landscape painting and is entitled Wayside Inn, Nr Leatherhead. The label also carries an identification number of H 25.
The style of cutting, with its twenty or so figural shapes, along with the box design and labels, all show very close similarities with another British brand, namely the puzzles of W.G. Evans.

Artist: Unsigned
Date: c1915-1920
Brand: Jig Saw Puzzle Co.
Material: Plywood
Nationality: British-England
Number: H 25
Pieces: 400+
Size: 19" x 14"
Theme: Landscape
Title: Wayside Inn, Nr. Leatherhead

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