19. Angling for Big-Game Fish in South African Waters (150 piece)

A superb example from this impressive series of interlocking plywood puzzles which promote South Africa, here seen in its 150 piece version. Interestingly, there is no titles list on the box-base. The action-packed painting is by C.E. Turner, whose signature appears on the 300 piece version. A close look will identify an excited audience running towards the catch. Hopefully going to give the angler some support, which I suspect he will need!
I have identified the puzzle as number 19 through sight of the titles list on other examples from the series. Also noteworthy is that the small colour guide picture on this example appears in black and white on some other titles from the series, such as No. 2-Surf-Riding and No. 7-Hub of the British Empire.

Artist: Turner, C.E.
Date: c1930's
Brand: Jones, A.V.N. and Co., Ltd
Material: Plywood
Nationality: British-England
Number: 19
Pieces: 150
Range: Delta
Series: South African
Size: 16" x 9"
Theme: Fishing
Title: 19. Angling for Big-Game Fish in South African Waters

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