In the Blue Gums Azure Shadow: An Australian Bush Picnic (300 piece)

300 piece fully interlocking plywood jigsaw, featuring a painting by the Italian artist Fortunino Matania depicting a picnic in the woods. This is almost a caricature with the participants dressed in the height of fashion and a chauffeur on hand to transport them and the one 'Australian' feature is the man on the right of the picture boiling water in a billycan!

This title and scene clearly fit the box front theme of "Bushlands".

Artist: Matania, Fortunino
Date: c.1930's
Brand: Jones, A.V.N. and Co., Ltd
Material: Plywood
Nationality: British-England
Pieces: 300
Series: Australian
Size: 17" x 11"
Theme: Fashion, Woodland
Title: In the Blue Gums' Azure Shadow: An Australian Bush Picnic




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