Beauty of the Orient

Beautifully cut and featuring a very unusual selection of Whimsies, or figural shaped pieces, this interlocking plywood puzzle from William Peacock's Toys to Teach range carries the Latest Craze terminology, so popular in the c1909-1910 era. The superb painting is from the popular French artist Léon François Comerre (1850–1916), renowned for his paintings of beautiful women, many in Oriental settings such as this study.
The figure shapes are quite extraordinary, several having been dissected into smaller pieces and others which link to form sets of shapes.
Many thanks to Bronwen Lewis who has so kindly supplied images and details of this great puzzle.

Artist: Comerre, L?on Fran?ois
Date: c1910
Brand: Peacock
Material: Plywood
Nationality: British-England
Number: 55/8
Pieces: 560
Range: Toys to Teach
Size: 18" x 24"
Theme: Beauty
Title: Beauty of the Orient

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