Captive Andromache

Superb example of solid wood puzzle featuring a predominantly push-fit cutting technique, enhanced by very accurate colour line-cutting.
The original painting by Lord Frederick Leighton was purchased by the Manchester Art Gallery in 1889. Their website quotes:
The painting shows Hector's pre-battle premonition:
Andromache stands alone in a foreign land
enslaved, waiting her turn at the well.
She looks longingly at a couple with their child.
Her own husband is dead,
his body desecrated and dragged around the battlefield.
Her young child has been thrown to his death
from the city walls of Troy.

Artist: Leighton, Lord Frederick
Brand: Unidentified
Material: Solid wood
Pieces: 493
Size: 23" x 10 1/2"
Theme: Historical
Title: Captive Andromache

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