Milkmaid, The

Estimated to be of c1920's-1930's manufacture, this solid wooden jigsaw puzzle features a painting by the British artist John Sanderson-Wells (1872-1955), originally issued as a Pears print in their 1911 annual.
The puzzle is cut in a very challenging non-interlocking style with very fine quality line-cutting throughout.
Although the box carries the title of The Milkmaid, it is more widely known as Where are you going to my Pretty Maid?
See this alternative example of a puzzle from this same painting.

Artist: Sanderson-Wells, John
Date: c1920's-1930's
Brand: Unidentified
Material: Solid wood
Nationality: British-England
Pieces: 506
Size: 22 1/2" x 12"
Theme: Pears Print
Title: Milkmaid, The

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