Where are you going to my Pretty Maid

Beautiful painting by the British artist John Sanderson-Wells (1872-1955), issued as a Pears print in the Pears Annual 1911.
Here the original print has been mounted on a sheet of solid mahogany before being cut in a very effective push-fit style, full of colour line-cutting to make it very challenging. The Pears logo appears lower left and the puzzle title plate complete with verse, taken from the bottom of the print has also been stuck to a piece of matching wood (see photo).
See this The Milkmaid puzzle, for another example of puzzle from this same painting.

Artist: Sanderson-Wells, John
Brand: Unidentified
Material: Solid wood
Pieces: 507
Size: 24 1/2" x 15 3/4"
Theme: Pears Print
Title: Where are you going to my Pretty Maid?

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