452. Eagle

Produced c.1954, this very colourful circular puzzle features a selection of scenes and some of the wonderful characters associated with the Eagle comic, all set around the trademark logo of an eagle in flight.
Another excellent set of pictures and information supplied by Alan Sudbury. Many thanks.
Special thanks also to Jerry Mortimore for supplying the following further details on the scenes depicted:Characters are: Dan Dare; Storm Nelson in the speedboat Silver Foam; Riders of the Range–Jeff Arnold and Luke (created by Charles Chilton who went on to do Journey Into Space on the radio), and Harris Tweed, extra special agent.

Artist: Unsigned
Date: c1954
Brand: Waddington's
Material: Cardboard
Nationality: British-England
Number: 452
Pieces: 500+
Range: Circular
Size: 20" diameter
Theme: Fantasy
Title: 452. Eagle

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