550. Ships Through the Ages

Drawings of seven ships over a 2000 year period:-

Roman Galley, Viking Long-Ship, Spanish Galleon, The Mayflower, The Cutty Sark, The Comet and, in the middle, Nuclear Ship Savannah.

The latter was an experimental nuclear-powered merchant ship launched in 1959 and decommissioned in 1971, now in the Maritime Museum, Baltimore.

The Comet was the first steam-powered vessel, launched in 1812 and named after the 'Great Comet' which passed within sight of Earth in 1811.

Artist: Unknown
Date: 1968
Brand: Waddingtons
Material: Cardboard
Nationality: British
Number: 550
Pieces: 500
Range: Circulars
Series: Large Flat Box
Size:20" diameter
Theme: Shipping
Title:550. Ships Through the Ages
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