527. Treasure Hunt

Another very colourful cardboard puzzle, produced in 1956 and featuring Captain Drake's famous Treasure ship-The Golden Hind during its 1577-1580 circumnavigation of the globe, along with six treasure hunting scenarios, namely: Treasure of the Pharaohs, Ivory Hunters, Gold Mine Prospectors, Pearl Divers, Lost Treasure City and Caribbean Treasure. The paintings are unsigned.

This design later sold by Springbok under reference C901.

Many thanks to Alan Sudbury for his continued dedication towards completing the Circular's album.

Artist: Unsigned
Date: 1956
Brand: Waddington's
Material: Cardboard
Nationality: British-England
Number: 527
Pieces: 500+
Range: Circular
Size: 20" diameter
Theme: Historical
Title: 527. Treasure Hunt

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