534. Around the World Under Sail

Fine circular cardboard puzzle featuring six sail-shaped sections containing paintings of an array of sailing ship types from around the World, all set about a central ship's wheel.
Looking at the puzzle image, the ships listed are, clockwise from the top: Topsail Schooner, Thames Barge, Mediterranean Felucca, Yorkshire Coble, Dutch Schuyt and Chinese Junk.

Thanks to Alan Sudbury for details on yet another of the puzzles from this exciting range.

Artist: Unsigned
Date: 1959
Brand: Waddington's
Material: Cardboard
Nationality: British-England
Number: 534
Pieces: 500+
Range: Circular
Series: Split-pattern boxes
Size: 20¼" Diameter
Theme: Maritime
Title: 534. Around the World Under Sail

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