451. Dan Dare

Superbly illustrated circular card puzzle produced around 1954 and which shows scenes from the eponymous strip cartoon in The Eagle comic. The scenes are from the 1953-54 series Operation Saturn. Artists at that time were Frank Hampson and Desmond Walduck.
The Mekon is also there with his Treens and Dan and Digby are in their spaceship Anastasia. The creature they are fighting is a torch lizard from Mimas. Where Dan is fighting the guards, the black cylindrical objects are called Kroopaks, known to the Space Fleet as black cats, but them I'm sure we all knew that!
Extensive details on this, along with many others from the Circular range, supplied by Jerry Mortimore.

Artist: Unsigned
Date: c1954
Brand: Waddington's
Material: Cardboard
Nationality: British-England
Number: 451
Pieces: 500
Range: Circular
Size: 20" diameter
Theme: Sci-Fi
Title: 451. Dan Dare

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