Christmas Conundrum

This interlocking wooden jigsaw puzzle from Wentworth features artwork ©Anna Nilsen 2006, one of several illustrations she produced exclusively for them. A double-sided leaflet supplied with the puzzle features 5 further images available and also includes a short artist biography, along with a Victorian Christmas Cake recipe. The box image features a room before the Christmas festivities have begun, whilst the puzzle artwork itself shows the same scene after the presents have been unwrapped, the cakes have been eaten and the lights turned on.
Also included within the puzzle are a fine selection of figural shapes, or Whimsies, along with all of the individual letters to make up the greeting Merry Christmas. There is even a Wentworth wooden jigsaw puzzle amongst the presents! How is that for a clever bit of extra advertising?

Artist: Nilsen, Anna
Date: c2006
Brand: Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company
Material: Solid wood
Nationality: British-England
Pieces: 500
Size: 20" x 14"
Theme: Christmas
Title: Christmas Conundrum

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