Egremont in Salcombe Estuary

Launched on 10th December 1951, MV Egremont's first role was that of Mersey Ferry, saling between Liverpool and Birkenhead. In 1976 she was moved to Salcombe in Devon, where she remains to the present day, acting as headquarters to the Island Cruising Club. Since 2012, her ownership and future upkeep have been transferred to the Egremont Trust (Salcombe).
The painting Meredith has used here is unsigned, but features the ship in Salcombe Estuary with several small sailing ships moored at her side and others under sail in the waters nearby. Cut in 2002, he has included a rich variety of shapes in the puzzle and has also cut along many of the colour divisions within the image.
Displayed courtesy of Jan Knight.

Artist: Unsigned
Date: 23/12/2002
Brand: Worsfold, Meredith
Material: Plywood
Nationality: British-England
Number: 1509
Pieces: 710
Size: 23" x 16"
Theme: Maritime
Title: Egremont in Salcombe Estuary

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