This Pastime Puzzle advertisement from a c1910 edition of the French paper L'illustration, clearly links these Anglo-American branded puzzles with the Pastime range of Parker Brothers, indeed a comparison between the Pastime branded L'offrande de Berger and La Pêche, here in this album, makes the connection even clearer.

Parker Brothers-Salem, Mass., are understood to have had offices in London and Paris, as well as in New York, the latter three being mirrored by the addresses shown on these so-called Anglo-Americans. Deciding whether they were produced in France, or perhaps in America for the French market is a difficult call to make with the information available so far, but given how different they seem to the traditionally accepted norm of American Pastimes, influences me towards a belief of them being of French manufacture.

I would love to hear from anyone with information or views on this matter and must thank Jacques Vélu for once again coming up with such fascinating material to debate and research.

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