Eddie=Puzzles=Paris produced excellent quality plywood puzzles, very much akin to the puzzles of fellow manufacturer Vera, also based in the French Capital city, although Eddie puzzles seem to have a shorter history.
If anything, from the limited availability of examples, it seems that these carry the technical skills and techniques a stage further, resulting in very challenging puzzles for the assembler. Many of the examples seen carry English titles, before their French counterparts, perhaps indicative that export to Britain was a major part of the the Company's operation. These often featured box labels for the Sheffield Plate Co., probably a retail outlet to attract tourist trade. Other examples, without this extra label, only feature French titles, probably indicating their purpose as being targeted more towards the home market.
Examples from this brand are very special, but also rather scarce. If you can help by supplying details and photographs of any further puzzles, I would be delighted to add them to the site. Thank you. The origination of this album is thanks once more to the efforts of Jacques Vélu.

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