Doubtful Vintage, A

Fine quality plywood puzzle cut predominantly push-fit in style, but featuring an interlocking border. Colour line-cutting throughout has further enhanced the puzzle, a humorous study by the French artist Harry Eliott (1882-1959).
The amusing and slightly cryptic English title of A Doubtful Vintage has been subsequently reinterpreted in pencil to read L'alambic, or The Still.
Many thanks to Jacques Vélu who has supplied the images and details of this super puzzle.

Artist: Eliott, Harry
Brand: Eddie=Puzzles=Paris
Material: Plywood
Nationality: France
Pieces: 550
Size: 11 1/2" x 15 1/2"
Theme: Humorous
Title: Doubtful Vintage, A

© 2008-2023 David Shearer

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