old summer house, The

Another very finely cut and immensely challenging puzzle from this uncommon, and top-class French brand. The Felix Rosenstiel print features a colourful painting by the British artist Ernest William Haslehurst (1866-1949).
The cutting style is similar to some of the very best of Vera puzzles with the use of an interlocking white border to house the predominantly push-fit and colour line cut centre. Even the backing paper used seems to have been selected to give no help to the assembler.
Once more it is thanks to the interest and efforts of Jacques Vélu and his helpers, that another super French puzzle graces the pages of the Jigasaurus.

Artist: Haslehurst, Ernest William
Date: c1950
Brand: Eddie=Puzzles=Paris
Material: Plywood
Nationality: France
Pieces: 900
Size: 19" x 15"
Theme: Flowers
Title: old summer house, The

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