Paysanne dans son jardin

Exquisitely cut, non-interlocking plywood, Eddie puzzle, featuring the most accurate use of the colour line-cutting concept to add significantly to the complexity of assembly. This example only features the title in French and does not carry the Sheffield Plate Co. label on the lid, seen on so many others in this album. This is a likely pointer that the puzzle was cut for the home market rather than export. Also of note is the lack of a white border, as seen on most other Eddie puzzles, along with an observation that the cutter has carried the principles of push-fit and colour line-cutting right to the puzzle borders, taking away the generally relatively easy task of assembling an interlocking outer edge, perhaps an indicator that the company considered their French customers to be more adept puzzlers than their overseas counterparts!!
The artwork is unfortunately unsigned, probably having been cut down to create this very effective and colourful square format print.
Images and details courtesy of Jacques Vélu

Artist: Unsigned
Date: c1950's-1960's
Brand: Eddie=Puzzles=Paris
Material: Plywood
Nationality: France
Pieces: 550
Size: 12" x 12"
Theme: Landscape
Title: Paysanne dans son jardin
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