Evans & Sons, W.G.

W.G. Evans & Sons, (Woodwork Manufacturers), Williams Mews, Stanhope Street, London, N.W.1, were a little-known and very limited producer of good quality wooden jigsaw puzzles, although this was probably not their main business. Examples are very scarce. Whimsies also featured in some of their puzzles, with popular shapes including flags, horse-heads, stars and swords.
I have seen occasional examples of early Tuck's Zag-Zaw puzzles which match this Evans cutting style, probably indicating a link between the two companies. Given the latter company's prime business of furniture manufacture, it seems likely that it was Raphael Tuck who cut their puzzles, perhaps before Tuck's changed to their more familiar style of Zag-Zaw puzzles. The Zag-Zaw The Britannia helps to demonstrate these similarities.
Another British brand of puzzles, that of the rather impressively named Jig Saw Puzzle Co., features a very similar style of cut and presentation.

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