Beautifully cut puzzles in a very characteristic style, some clearly manufactured for Boots the Chemists, others showing as being manufactured by Robert Plumb, 10 years Manager and Jig-Saw Puzzle Expert to the Graphic Gallery, Strand, London.
Based at 87, Kempe Road, Kensal Rise. LONDON. N.W.6.
I believe they were also commissioned to produce puzzles for promotional purposes, as well as possibly supplying bespoke jigsaws from customers own pictures, for supply through some stationery/photographic stores.
I also feel they may have been the producers of the Chandos puzzles for Frederick Warne who were after all, primarily a publishing company. These puzzles were amongst the finest made in Britain, rivalling Tuck's in their quality with a superb, almost whimsical mixture of interlocking, as well as push-fit cutting style.
A look at the Peter Pan series album, includes both Boots and non-Boots varieties. I believe the latter are most likely the earlier and that Boots commissioned their range slightly later on in the Expert Company history.
I am indebted to Jane Bennett who has kindly forwarded this image of her great grandfather Robert Plumb taken around 1905.

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