Inca Puzzle

This French manufactured brand of plywood jigsaw puzzles shows some similarities in style with the better-known Rex range of Puzzle Vera, in that they both tended to incorporate semi and non-interlocking pieces set within a fully interlocking border. Also, like the Rex puzzles, examples so far seen do not feature colour line-cutting.
These Inca puzzles do not however show the smoothness and accuracy of the cutting of the top-quality Vera puzzles.
The box of the Messageries Royale puzzle featured here is of a very high standard, which seems to be the case with most French puzzles of the period. Puzzle production is understood to have been c1950's-1960's and most examples incorporate at least one cross-shaped signature piece in the design.
Many thanks to Denis Charvériat for bringing this manufacturer to my attention and sharing his knowledge of it.

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