The Jerome chain of photographic studios are understood to have operated from c1930 until their amalgamation with B. Bennett & Sons Limited in 1963. More detailed information relating to Jerome studios in general is available on the Photomemorabilia website which has proven very helpful in my research for this album.
Jigsaw puzzles were probably a relatively small and quite short-lived part of their business operations, giving customers the opportunity of having their snap, film or other photograph turned into an inter-locking jig-saw puzzle. I do not believe that Jerome cut the puzzles themselves, with all of the examples which I have seen so far seeming to demonstrate the cutting style of the RACO (Richards Art Co.) Intalok Zig-Zag branded puzzles. I strongly believe that this company was commissioned by Jerome Ltd to produce these personalised puzzles for their customers. Raco themselves are not thought to have operated after WWII and I suspect the same is probably true for the availability of Jerome branded puzzles. My fist example displayed here carries a handwritten inscription dated August 1936 and features a walking party the day before two of the group became engaged.
I would very much like to hear from you if you have further examples which you would like to share on the website.

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