K.E.K. jig-saw Puzzles

Kathleen Esme Kipping (1904-1951) was the fourth child of Frederic Stanley Kipping and his spouse Lilian Florence Holland. Her father was an eminent organic chemist, much involved in the research and development of silicon who, at some point following on his retirement in 1936, moved from Nottingham, where he had been professor of Chemistry for many years, to number 11, Marine Terrace, Criccieth in North Wales with his wife Lily and their daughter Kathleen.
When exactly Kathleen developed her puzzle-cutting prowess is unclear, as is the number she produced, although my first example carries an identity number 25 and an inscription of Xmas 1947. This puzzle, entitled To the Distant Hills, carries the Criccieth address, whilst the second, featuring the Flying Scotsman, quotes an address of 15 Pelham Crescent, The Park, Nottingham, so clearly predates the former.
Update 07/10/2013. Thank you to a fellow BCD member who has given me some excellent information and details of the K.E.K. Jigsaw Puzzle Club, which operated from the same Criccieth address. Lending records included entries from 1944-1956, some 5 years after Kathleen's recorded death on 30th August 1951, so it would appear that someone else continued to operate the club for at least the following five years.

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