Langley Series

Examples from this relatively limited production British brand, probably dating from the era 1920's-1930's, carried the Langley Series identity, with puzzles then appearing under two distinct range identifications, those with Connoisseur Deluxe labelling, which appear to have been the superior, and also those with a Kolorbax identity, the latter being aimed more towards the younger customer and having a painted reverse side of the puzzle, promoted as being "A boon to both children and parents KOLORBAX puzzles ensure that the Right pieces go in the Right boxes". My own slightly more cynical take on this would be that it aided the Kolorbax cutters, who probably had several puzzles stacked together during cutting, to make sure they put the pieces in the right boxes to start with!!!
Many thanks to Nicki Barker for her research and input into this album.
  • Connoisseur De-Luxe

    Connoisseur De-Luxe

  • Kolorbax


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