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Here you will find examples for the five main album types. These are not order dependent and can be organised at any time into their correct hierarchy.

I am using the British manufacturer Raphael Tuck & sons for these illustrations, since their vast array of material caters well for this suggested layout.

The five suggested album types, in their commonest hierarchal order, are:
Maker, Literature, Range, Series, Puzzle.

Categorising jigsaw puzzles can be quite challenging, so in order to do so, I have implemented the above five headings which have generally worked thus far!

Not all of the above five will always apply, especially in the infancy of a new parent album, but certainly "Maker" and "Puzzle" should be catered for initially. Range and Series sub-albums can always be created later on, if and when such extra classifications become necessary, as can a Literature album when suitable material becomes available.

For the purpose of these guidance notes, I have entered an individual "Puzzle" album in its own right, as I have done with the "Range" and "Series" albums. If this puzzle was then found to belong within a specific range or series, it can easily be moved to that destination, once one has been created for it.

The "Add an album" option available through the "Add" drop-down list at the top of every page, will open an input screen which has been pre-populated with an example layout for a new puzzle. This can then be edited with details relevant to your own example. This same pro-forma will appear for all additions, so in cases of new range, series or literature albums, all this pre-populated information should be deleted, prior to adding your own information. Thank you.

See the individual albums for further guidance, starting with the "Maker" album shown below.
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  • Range versus Series

    Range versus Series

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